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a multiboot bootloader from the GNU project. This tag is for questions relating to the legacy version of GRUB. Use the GRUB2 tag for questions dealing with GRUB2, a…
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Free email client from Mozilla. Specify your version number when asking.
× 1272
Recovering lost, deleted, or corrupted data. Please review the tag wiki before posting a question.
× 1243
a Debian-based open-source Linux distribution.
× 1219
The layer between your hardware and software. It manages disk input/output, memory allocation, graphic acceleration, hosting device drivers and various other resources.
× 1217
A general term used when a computer or device becomes unresponsive to any kind of user input. May be caused by hardware *or* software reasons.
× 1193
share a resource over a network, including files and folders as well as printers or other physical devices
× 1192
Use for questions referring specifically to versions of OS X 10.7, Lion. Non-version-specific questions related to OS X should be tagged with [osx]. Questions about Mac hardware should be tagged with …
× 1186
cygwin provides a Unix/Linux-like environment under Microsoft Windows OSes.
× 1185
an Open Source database now owned by Oracle. The MySQL documentation is expansive and incredibly useful.
× 1161
A family of networking technologies for LANs. Ethernet encompasses bother the physical connection between devices and part of the protocols which define how the connected devices can communicate.
× 1158
The number of pixels in a given display or image, representing the smallest physical unit of display. One individual pixel represents a single colour value, and when combined, create a displayed imag…
× 1138
A Linux-based operating system for smartphones and tablet computers. Unless the question is specifically regarding the device interacting with your computer questions are more likely to be better suit…
× 1125
the process of receiving digital data from another computer, either over a local-area-network or a wide-area-network (i.e. the internet).
× 1111
Text file containing a sequence of commands or program invocations.
× 1110
a condition where soft- or hardware ceases to function properly.
× 1107
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a widely used interface for transmitting audio and video signals between devices and displays. Many PCs now include the ability to output audio/video dir…
× 1094
Blue Screen of Death - Do mention the error code or something from it if you can spot it before the restart
× 1084
Hewlett-Packard. A multi-national information technology company that makes everything from computer monitors, to printers, to computers, to phones.
× 1081
Questions about the Apple MacBook family of laptops.
× 1075
the act of using redirecting one port to another, commonly used to access a computer from behind a firewall with NAT.
× 1074
Hardware failure refers to the act of a piece of physical hardware failing to meet its designed standards during operation.
× 1072
Search refers to the ability of finding any number of items of information with specified properties among a collection of items sharing the same type of properties.
× 1062
Usually a personal account on a computer system that allows access to a system's (advanced) functions.
× 1059
Recommendations for software or applications — Important: It's often better to ask how to solve a specific problem rather than what software can be used for a given task.
× 1058
DO NOT USE THIS TAG! It has been deprecated. Instead, use the appropriate tag for whatever you are upgrading. See: http://meta.superuser.com/q/8567/76571
× 1048
a network that connects multiple devices in a limited geographical area, such as a room, an apartment or a building. Currently, most LANs are based on Wi-Fi, link…
× 1034
a media library management and playback application developed and maintained by Apple for OS X and Windows. It is also used to synchronise Apple media devices and manage their contents.
× 1033
SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is one of the most common bus interfaces for connecting mass storage devices to a computer system.
× 1031
DO NOT USE THIS TAG! It has been deprecated. Consider using a more specific tag, such as [data-recovery], [password-recovery], or [file-recovery].
× 1024
a free and open source terminal emulator application which can act as a client for the SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw TCP computing protocols and as a serial console client. The name "PuTTY" ha…
× 991
A short range wireless protocol used by various devices, such as cell phones, wireless headsets, mice and keyboards.
× 990
Integral service in every modern Windows OS that updates the software and OS, including installed components and drivers.
× 989
a desktop environment/graphical user interface that runs on top of a computer operating system, most notably Linux and the Java Desktop System which is part of Solaris.
× 985
called a home network. It usually smaller than an office network, just connecting two or three computers and a modem/router.
× 985
the largest manufacturer of computer processors and the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors which are found in most personal computers.