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My first introduction to LaTeX was in 1997, and I've never looked back!




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comment Automatically Split a Huge TeX File Into Many Smaller Files
See Splitting a large txt file into 200 smaller txt files on a regex using shell script in BASH or Split one file into multiple files based on delimiter.
comment random fortune on business cards
Have you enabled --shell-escape?
comment XeLaTeX text greatly goes beyond
Rather considering posting on TeX - LaTeX.
comment How can I change the background color of a cell in LyX?
@FranckDernoncourt: Share this idea with the LyX team as a feature request.
comment Excel macro copy same entries once in another sheet paper
If you're just interested in all possible unique combinations of Col A and Col B, a pivot table could give you that. For your data, it would list 3 entries (collapsing Alert named 1 (50 times repeated) | Tunis into a single entry.
comment How can I append two PDFs that have links
@moose: So both files have links in them? You didn't mention that in your original post, and I don't know what "Balsamiq" is/does. \includepdf will remove those links as you mentioned, making this answer somewhat useless for your case, I guess.
comment How can I append two PDFs that have links
@moose: It seems like your options fitpaper and noautoscale are contradictory. What about only noautoscale or with fitpaper=false?
comment How can I append two PDFs that have links
@moose: Did you read the documentation I linked to? Use the option noautoscale (page 4), since page sizes are automatically rescaled by default. I'll update my answer.
comment How do I get my MacTeX version?
See Checking MacTeX version installed on a Mac.
comment Generate PDF that is not editable
@amorua: It's possible to add a password to the file that is asked to open/see the file.
comment Generate PDF that is not editable
@AlfredM.: I have not checked. Have you?
comment Adding commands to TextMate's LaTeX bundle
Does the TextMate manual on Bundles help?
comment How to put LaTeX formulas in Word 2010?
@derdack: Have you seen this: word2tex.com