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I am a web and mobile application developer from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I have been developing web applications professionally since 2002. Most often I work with php5 (using Symfony + Propel + sfAltumoPlugin*), MySQL, html5, jQuery, AngularJS and css3 but I have looked and experimented with nodejs, Backbone, Google Closure, MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB and others.

I am also quite comfortable deploying and managing servers in both physical and virtual environments. I have been managing several production servers on AWS utilizing EC2, RDS, R53, S3 and their respective APIs to automate tasks.

*sfAltumoPlugin is an open source multi-purpose php 5.3+ library that I co-founded and regularly contribute to. It contains a set of high-quality, well-commented, tested "plumbing" code that I use to avoid writing the same general-purpose code over and over.

In addition to web applications, I recently got involved with mobile application development for iOS. My current focus in learning is Objective-C and relevant frameworks.

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