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comment Will Upgrading to Windows 10 Wreck my Lenovo Helix?
Backup first. Test that backup. Then happily upgrade. If nothing else, you can always restore if something breaks.
comment Followed below instructions, still no internet
Slightly more relevant information might help. Are you trying to connect from wireless or through ethernet? What instructions did you follow ? What's the output of ipconfig look like? What version of windows?
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comment PowerPoint 2010 Alignment Issue
A screenshot of the output might help.
answered Want to distribute Linux virtual machine for students to work on
comment How to set up Miracast on Windows 8.1?
Sigh Lets not be so quick to use the S word. I do note that using a blind link like this means that part of the answer is less than useful should the original link go down, that a good software recommendation focuses on the process rather than the software, and it duplicates part of Daniel B's answer, with no additional useful information at all. It is, however, not having many of the less obvious characteristics of a spam post.
comment Force Windows Update to update all components?
I'd note the language used, and well, the tone of it will be handled independently. Yeah, he was harsh. Certain things need clarification. As for the action, I basically took the same action I would have taken for a new user (who might have not have known better), other than pointing him at the specific bit of the rules. I left it at comments until I noticed the large chunk of copy pasting. Might be something for meta, ideally or if you want to clarify specific actions, you can give me a poke on chat.
answered Listing camera folders in Windows 10
comment Netgear router/powerline adapter assigning wrong IP address via DHCP
No signatures please! I'd add that the 169 address suggests you arn't getting a ip address, and most plowerline devices have manuals that tell you not to use a powerstrip
revised Put MXF video into a MOV container with FFMPEG?
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comment HomePlugAV sees other HomePlugs but not the network
They do. IIRC I've seen orange and even red network lights in the past. While troubleshooting those things is a pain , design of those things are pretty consistant
comment Laptop booting several times before really starting
You can request an account merger via the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.
revised What display cables and adapters should I use to connect a second monitor to GTX670?
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answered What display cables and adapters should I use to connect a second monitor to GTX670?
comment HomePlugAV sees other HomePlugs but not the network
What colour lights on the units? Which speed are they? What kind of information does homeplug device manager give?
comment Is there an advantage to a good GPU for gaming and programming?
Hardware recommendations are off topic here. I'd suggest unless you're doing code that uses a GPU to do things - like opencl, the advantages are small. We often talk about hardware on the main SU chatroom - Root access, and that may be a better place for this. I'd also encourage you to check your build on pc parts picker, since its a good way to share and visualise a build, and see obvious issues.
answered Boot menu across multiple hard drives
comment What's the minimum hardware for CISCO IP phones?
You'd need a POE capable switch or injector then
comment Raid of single ssd
Its seriously worth looking up the differences between these properly - basically for anything after windows 7, modern linux releases and generally anything not really old, AHCI is the 'right' answer. Consider sata legacy for things like XP, which are too old. I believe ESXi on HP microservers is fairly common, so you ought to be able to easily find documentation on the setup with a simple google search.