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comment How to delete a file with a path too long to be deleted
Wow Microsoft. Wow.
comment Github for windows not working after install
Is your msysgit install trashed? Windows requires a separate version of git than other OSes, msysgit, and github probably comes packaged with that. I would try to run git from the command line and see if you get any errors.. Also try completely uninstalling msysgit, github, restarting, and then reinstalling github for windows.
comment git corrupted on ubuntu vbox, power failure with proper shutdown
there can be any number of reasons why this happened.. if your virtualbox was processing data when the power was removed, all sorts of unexpected corruption can occur. I would recommend using better practices rather than wondering why bad practices have failed you every 1/5 times.
comment How is the location of .ssh determined?
what program did you use to create your keys? and what program did he use? What program are you using to connect to sites with those keys, and what program for using git with those keys? On windows, apps like to use different places (inconsistent convention). On Linux/Mac (and cygwin for windows) the default is in the .ssh folder in your home directory: ~/.ssh (~ is a shortcut for your user's home directory on unix based OSes)
answered Should a vagrant project be its own repo
comment How do I update Safari on Windows?
and sure, it is lazy to not leave the app to run the update program, but aren't you supposed to make things easier on your users?
comment How do I update Safari on Windows?
@jahroy, yea I guess. It seems kind of lazy not to at least provide some way of updating an app within that app. I mean, they do allow you to update within the app on a mac right.. soo.. why not on windows? I've got a sour taste in my mouth regarding all things apple because they just seem to act 'uppity'. That's the only way I can explain it.
comment How do I update Safari on Windows?
there's no other way to update..? ...... way to go apple, I'm still waiting on them to come out with a new whole house security system with a doorknob that you can only use if you buy a MacBook...
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comment Sublime Text package similar to NppExec?
That error means the same as if you typed "c:\SgtPooki\something\thisDOESNTexist\file.cs". Basically your command syntax is probably correct but you have the wrong file/filepath.
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