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I love a dashboard that answers questions instead of causing more

comment problems with truecrypt folder
Any chance you could post some kind of a screen shot of what the after effect looks like?
comment How to move your Windows User Profile to another drive in Windows 8
Note this only works for clean install versions of Win8. The author of the post states it will only work on systems that have the ability to run "sysprepping" and systems that have done an in place upgrade (vista, win7 to win8) or even win8 to win8 pro, this won't work for you.
comment ajax.googleapis.com stopping my Firefox
This is not the best idea. If you've blocked those files, you won't get those files and the web sites won't perform as expected. Blocking jQuery files would be akin to not filling your car with fuel.
comment Secondary drive not visible after a fresh install of Windows 8.
Thanks - Simply setting the drive letter did it. I took @MarkAllen advice and swapped my DVD (CD-ROM Ha you must be old like me) and gave D: to my drive
comment Should I Place My Video Surveillance System in a DMZ?
Interesting. I would have been under the impression that since it asks for a password before presenting the camera views, that Google could not search it. Or are you saying that the IP address itself would be picked up as a "web cam" site?
comment Where did the “All Users” folder from XP go in Windows 7?
Good point. Noted.
comment Where did the “All Users” folder from XP go in Windows 7?
Exactly like you said - Exactly what I needed.
comment Which Hard Drive Configuration on a new Computer?
I disagree with Molly. I have a 10k RPP drive for my main install and my system screams. I will say though, that the noise issue is something to consider. The drive can be heard, even with the rubber feet I've got on it. If that is at all a concern, than the SSD is the way to go.