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comment Why doesn't the Aquamacs text-mode-hook I add in my .emacs file seem to run?
This should work, are you sure you're using a text mode? M-x text-mode RET. You could also try to see if the hook is executed with: (add-hook 'text-mode-hook (lambda () (message "Hello from text-mode-hook"))), M-x text-mode RET and then check the *Message* buffer.
comment Are there any pagers that use emacs keybindings?
I use multi-term to run multiple terminals inside emacs. github.com/daimrod/Emacs-config/blob/master/… And then, you can switch between term-char-mode and term-line-mode with respectively C-c C-k and C-c C-j. term-char-mode has the standard term bindings, and with term-line-mode you can navigate in the buffer like in any other buffers.
comment Are there any pagers that use emacs keybindings?
My shell run in emacs and if I need to do complex operations on the output, I can simply put it in a buffer and write some elisp, run some shell command (M-|) or use some keyboard macros (C-x k (). Thus I only use a pager when I'm don't have (my) emacs.
comment Why can't I bind Ctrl-Shift-W in Emacs?
We need more information to help you, give us some code.
comment How does emacs resume cursor position when we switch back to a buffer?
I wonder why you need the mouse if you're using Emacs, however you can use registers to save your position in a file or bookmarks if you want to keep them between sessions. see (info "(emacs) Position Registers") and (info "(emacs) Bookmarks").
comment How to switch between different windows in the same frame without using mouse?
You should try the tutorial with C-h t.
comment How to indent a block of text rightward by 2 whitespace characters in Emacs?
As described in the example I've used C-n. C-space pushes a mark at the current position and C-n goes to the next line.
comment how to get gnome-terminal to not mess up emacs keybindings
with TRAMP, eshell and ansi-term, I really see no reason to use emacs in a console rather than in a graphical environment. Anyway, you can always remove the menubar from gnome-terminal but I've no idea for C-M-SPC.
comment What is the easiest way to reformat paragraphs to a certain width in emacs?
@Idigas: If you didn't move you can use C-x C-x to exchange-point-and-mark and thus reselect the last region. If you've moved, the last region will be selected extended to your current position.