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I hold a Masters in Physics, but I work currently as a Linguist. I am interested in science, computers, people and theology. Besides German, the language I know best is Perl. Recent places to live were: Frankfurt (Heusenstamm), Manila, Stuttgart, St. Louis, Osterburken

comment Can I encrypt data in a way that it can be read normally but can't be copied or edited?
What should "reading normally" without the ability to copy be? And what good should it make?
comment Why don't you see binary code when you open a binary file with text editor?
What is it you expected? How do you think this should be archived?
comment Emulate Typewriter Scrolling in Vim
What is the difference to the normal behaviour of vim? If you are on the last line and press enter or wrap around, the text scrolls up and you keep writing on the last line.
comment Error in Linux directory creation
Right. But that's the trade: either you do it "global" or you use the more complex and not compartible (=traditional) ACL. There are no lokal umasks. (with the mount exception, I now edited into my post)