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The first computer program I ever wrote was in BASIC on a TRS-80 Model I and it looked something like:
10 LPRINT "Don is cool"
20 GOTO 10
It only went downhill from there.

Hey look, I've got a blog...

comment How to re-enable compatibilty dialog on Windows 8?
Have tried that. It doesn't appear to be compatibility modes themselves but whatever part of win8 detects a potentially problematic program. Click the shortcut nothing happens regardless of compatibility mode setting
comment Windows pagefile size with large RAM and SSD
I recall reading to not have a page file on an SSD because of the write wear issue (or whatever thats called). Has that problem gone away?
comment Hyper V Server not findable by name
Thanks @Diago. flush and reigsterdns didn't solve it (I am using DHCP). Turning off the firewall did though so that is the culprit with the name resolution.