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comment Outlook 2010 Folder Structure Search
Brilliant, thank you. I had the same problem with a folder which, it turns out, had been dragged into another folder at some distant past time. I have no idea why Outlook's own search facility is, how may I put it delicately... pathetic. There's absolutely no point in Advanced Find giving you the name of the folder without its parents, something which leaves you little the wiser about how to get to it.
comment Remove English - United States language from Firefox
Excellent answer, thank you. The problem is that unless you do this anything that non-US users type in a text box will randomly switch back to "English (United States)". It's ridiculous that you have to manually delete files to get basic functionality like language selection to work 24/7. The other problem is that I believe that these files regenerate every time there is a Firefox update (every 3 hours isn't it? {sardonic scowl}) since I know that I've deleted them before based on this answer so next time I find them I'm going to write a scheduled task to purge the accursed things.
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