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comment Is there a way to restart audio without restarting a Windows 7 computer?
Not for Windows 7 either, at least not if you care about the "without restarting" part of the question.
comment Disconnect Microsoft account from my local account
Thanks for this. MS replaced my local login with my Microsoft account when I tried to use the 'Send Feedback' app for Windows 10. They didn't ask, warn, or inform me of the fact that creating the Microsoft account would automatically replace the local login that I've had for years. Dodgy, dodgy software/business-practices. But at least it's possible to undo the association.
comment Windows 10 Technical Preview - Synaptics Scrolling
Didn't work for me either.
comment Transparent window backgrounds/titlebars in Windows 10
Happy to settle for a third-party, hacky solution if Microsoft isn't going to play ball. It's not like it's any great difficulty on their part to allow users to customize the titlebar color and opacity to their liking. If they won't do that, then bring on the hacks.
comment Deleting defunct protected files in Windows 7
@JourneymanGeek - Brute force, then? Yes, that's a workable option. Though it's (or at least, it should be) more straightforward to just delete the stuff I don't want. In any case, still think a non-nuclear solution would be a useful thing to have.
comment Deleting defunct protected files in Windows 7
@Dave - Yep, did that already. That let me get rid of most of stuff in there. Basically everything except for folders like 'Internet Explorer', 'Microsoft Games', and so on. Those folders appear to be special (subject to an extra layer of protection, or something), and even taking ownership of them is not sufficient to delete them. If it was, this question wouldn't be here.
comment How to tell if windows 7 installer boot in EFI or BIOS?
This didn't work for me. The log file was present, but did not contain any Callback_BootEnvironmentDetect message. @EliranMalka's bcdedit solution worked. Using Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
comment Bios messing with Battery?
No, shouldn't be a BIOS issue. But are you sure your charger is generating the correct output for your device? No matter how slowly the battery charges, a laptop should never stop running if it's plugged in. It should also be able to power on with the charger attached and the battery removed.