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I am a computer engineering grad student at North Carolina State University, USA.

My interests are

  • Embedded Systems Software
  • OS and kernel programming
  • Linux
  • Hardware Interfacing
  • Device Drivers

comment Putty solarized the manual way
With these settings the all BOLD colors are almost gray. So, I currently set all bold colors same as non-bold colors. Do we have any official fix from solarized for this?
comment Number of lines in a video file
Edited the answer to explain this a bit. By processing I mean doing anything you want with the data in the file. You can modify the video data, you can compress it, add effects, track objects etc. But, to do anything like that, you first need to know the format and how to parse those bytes into meaningful video frames.
comment Search bookmarks in Google Chrome address bar
Cool, this is great.
comment How to ping virtualbox guest machine by hostname?
I don't have static IP addr for the guest. I want this to work without adding entry in hosts file, As guest IP might change later.
comment How to access an SD card from a virtual machine?
Hi, I tried this solution and installed the virtualbox extension pack but still no success. I am doing this in macbook if that makes any difference. Also, in my macbook system profiler, the sd card reader is not listed under USB devices but as a separate category called "card reader". Also, I am able to see the devices which are listed under USB in virtualbox.