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comment How to make Handbrake preserve capture time / creation time?
It will set the timestamp for the file, yes, but only in the filesystem. The EXIF data will not have the correct "Date/Time Original" timestamp.
comment How to lock OS X after autologin with a script
@FormerMacGenius Good to know. I hadn't thought of that. Depending on the Questioner's situation it may or may not be sufficient for their purpose.
comment How to start bash and immediately “type” command into it?
Or do you mean you want to start a new bash process from a command line that is already started, pass in the command as a parameter, then stay within that bash process after the command is complete?
comment TOR security in a static IP
Also, having a dynamic address at home does not give you any more security than a static one. Your ISP will have logs that connect you to your IP at a point in time, so resetting your modem to get a new one won't hide your trail.
comment Tor Exit Node (Not connecting)
I don't see any evidence of that in the link you posted. The closest I could find was this quote in that faq section: "... overriding the entry / exit nodes can mess up your anonymity in ways we don't understand." Looks like they don't know of any actual vulnerabilities and are only suggesting not to use it because someone in the future may possibly come up with a method to reduce your anonymity.
comment Can Notepad++ show pagebreaks (Win 7)
Look at stackoverflow.com/questions/767545/…. The answer there is probably the one you need as well.
comment Wamp, External IP, Forbidden
How did you solve it? Feel free to add a new answer to your question so others can figure it out too.