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I was ten years of age when first introduced to Windows Terminal, a 2400 baud modem and how to connect to another computer over a phone line. My excitement was limited at first however, as text would transmit only when the mouse was moved around. I would not be deterred from getting the full experience and, as such, eventually fixed the IRQ conflict between my mouse and modem. Soon afterwards I acquired a DOS terminal suite and a 28.8K modem. enjoying ANSI graphics, multi-user chat rooms, games and eventually bash shells running IRC. This was the point in my life where I became a sponge for anything computer related. It's almost twenty years later, and now I program in multiple languages, have almost fifteen years of professional experience and my passion is as strong as ever. I am a huge geek. Who I have become today is the result of early adventures in the world of computers. I knew, from the moment I connected to my first BBS, what I wanted to do, and that computers were going to change everything.

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