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I like Android (as an enthusiast), and I also develop Android apps. You can view them on Google Play using the handy link below ;)

Liam W's Apps

I am only 'Active' on android.stackexchange.com, where I have surpassed 4000 rep. I came 4th in the recent moderator election. 4th out of 5 candidates! What did I do wrong?

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Feel free to email me at any time via email at l.s.w5559@gmail.com, and also feel free to @ me in a chat if you want my attention.

comment MS DNS A Record Issue
So noone has any ideas?
comment mysql error 22 when entering data?
What's the reason for the downvote? This is a perfectly valid question that I cannot find the answer too.
comment Windows won't boot - blinking underscore
I was trying to restore my boot partition. I rebooted, then this.
comment Windows won't boot - blinking underscore
I think I accident erased the boot partition
comment Location to the volume control and connect to a wifi network in windows 7?
Thanks! I have provided a start menu shortcut to the mobility center, as I have also diasabled the control.exe program, and win button shortcuts.
comment How would I specify specific start menu items for a certain user?
Thank you, now, i suppose that leaves the question - how do you block access to internal hard drives (I.E don't list them in my computer?
comment How to print without yellow toner cartridge in a laser printer
Then, unless your printer dirrectly supports it, I don't think there is any way. Sorry.