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I get by with a little help from my friends (and wikis. (and forums. (and blogs. (and netflix.)))).

comment Will I notice any difference between displays of different sizes but same resolution?
@Molly: He wont be blaming you, but theres nothing wrong with doing a bit of research/brainstorming on the internet either. In fact it is a much better alternative to simply trying to decide something by yourself - esp if you have a limited knowledge of the topic in question.
comment Is there a way to determine if my PC is killing my monitors that doesn't involve killing another monitor?
Ah yes. The prof in my linux programming class mentioned this thing when we were trying write graphics drivers from ground up. He said the older CRTs had that problem, but the LCD ones are immune to that. Thankfully.
comment Can a virus from a virtualbox vm affect the host computer?
@EBGreen. No he is trying to recreate xkcd. xkcd.com/350