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Some useful links about me:

I have mostly worked with PHP based backend technologies such as object-oriented, corporate friendly licensed, and a rigorously tested Zend Framework codebase.

Of course, a backend programming language and a framework is not enough to develop a robust web application. I have advanced knowledge of SQL (plus I know my way around PL/SQL), relational databases and data model patterns used in database architectures (one-to-many, many-to-many).

In addition, I have a solid understanding of markup and presentational languages such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML and I am able to cooperate with designers to produce a user friendly, accessible and secure web application. I have a strong knowledge of JavaScript, AJAX and jQuery framework, too.

Finally, I am large-minded and have at least a little experience with most mainstream technologies from Java, C# and Python to SOAP web services. Specialties

Specialties: Zend Framework, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

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