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Got hooked on computers when I first saw the 'Didaktik M' with 48k of user-available memory. It loaded programs from a magnetic tape (being born in the eighties, I have no memories of punch cards). Didaktik M was basically just a huge keyboard you could connect to your TV and tape recorder. From then on I was fascinated by computers.

Now a JEE developer at a medium size IT solutions and consultancy company in Brighton.

  • Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer
  • Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer II

Nationality: Slovak

comment How do I hide file extensions in a command prompt /dir output?
guru. love this solution
comment Is it possible to confirm CD was burned on a particular machine?
nice, thanks. Almost a year after I asked the question but still good to learn some extra info.
comment Getting rid of a trojan in svchostlexe
I would hate to speak too soon, but I followed your advice and "seems to work". Please keep your fingers crossed it's all over.
comment Getting rid of a trojan in svchostlexe
yeah, sadly you're completely right. however in my situation, I just can't afford to reinstall the whole system. I might do that once my MSc project and my girlfriend's BSc project is done but this time of the year, I'd rather tolerate the annoying trojan than have to dig into all that re-installing and then "Oh! I lost this!" and "Oh! I lost that!" Thanks for the post, tho :-)