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I can pick up a mole (animal) and throw it.[citation needed] Anything I can throw weighs one pound. One pound is one kilogram. The number 602,214,129,000,000,000,000,000 looks about twice as long as a trillion, which means it’s about a trillion trillion. I happen to remember that a trillion trillion kilograms is how much a planet weighs.

comment Google chrome constantly refreshes every second to home page
For me it started after Chrome prompted me to use google.co.uk instead of google.com while traveling. As an added twist: on Mac OS I could not browse anywhere, since it would refresh within a second. I could browse using an incognito window... but attempting to open chrome://settings in the incognito window instead opened the settings in the other Chrome window for a half second, before redirecting to google.co.uk. I was able to finally get around it by turning of my network connection.
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