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Sometimes described as a lost and wondering technocrat… or is that wandering? Futurist, technologist, loves R&D of new ideas, builder of teams.

comment Internet is super slow on Mac Mavericks
It's sounds like you are going through a network cache, do you have to authenticate through a network proxy?
comment Macbook underlines characters - how to get rid of it
Ah ok, no solution really you're using a keyboard setting that has fixed dead keys so what you want is two conflicting settings ie. you're asking for the keyboard to be aware of your "intention" not your actions. :D The only thing I can think of is setting a shortcut to swap keyboard modes but that isn't really going to help.
comment Macbook underlines characters - how to get rid of it
What is you native keyboard?
comment How can I reassign the OS X trackpad three-finger tap to a four-finger tap?
2 Questions 1/ What version of OSX? 2/ What are you using to create the "middle click"? or are you talking about right clicking/control-clicking which opens the contextual menu to for items like "Open Link in a New Tab…"
comment Remove all Mac generated files '._' with bash
what error are you see? and for that matter what "Apple Mac" generated files are you seeing that start with ._ ?