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    I have come to like it that way.

All information I post here is given freely to the public domain. You may use it for whichever purpose you like, as long as it is not illegal.

comment Cell colors change when copy&paste in Excel 2010
That did the trick, thanks!
comment Restore BootLoader
@Sandy: This is not a question to be asked on StackOverflow, since it is not related to programming. Please go to SuperUser.com and ask the folks there. (Or maybe wait a little longer, until this question is transferred there by the system ;-)
comment What elements make you choose a browser?
Ad blocking: yes. Custom JavaScript: yes. Tool for removing elements from a page: Don't know, I never needed such a thing.
comment Automatically run a script when I log on to Windows
If you want to run this when any user logs on, you need to put it in the All Users startup folder (%allusersprofile%/Start Menu\Programs\Startup), or make an entry in the Run section of the LocalMachine reg hive: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run)
comment How can I make a Windows PC bullet-proof for home users?
Yup, easy. Even my mom and dad can do it.
comment How can I explain why DRM cannot work?
Fair point, I was obviously thinking too technical ;-)