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comment Have a toolbar docked independently from the taskbar in Windows 7
I've use Rocketdock, and it is okay. I much prefer the size and feel of a toolbar docked the entire height of the screen with small icons.
comment Buying a laptop, specs are confusing me
So, it is NOT worth the extra $200. I'm getting 4 GB of RAM (my current machine had 1, upgraded to 2 and it made a big difference, so I'm hoping 4 will grow well with me. Thanks for the answer. It's so confusing when you have to do this and you haven't kept up with the hardware side of things since 1999.
comment Windows to Mac keyboard shortcuts
Thanks for that. I use both Mac and Windows daily, and I've been programming on the Mac side for about 3 months now, but I canNOT get used to them! I'll stick with it for a while longer, but if I crack, I'll use your suggestions. Thanks.