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Work as Software Engineer.

Company does embedded devices and mechanical systems so I get exposed to lots of different engineers at different levels.

I am in the layer between the embedded and the graphical guys + development tools for everybody.

Use on a daily basis: C#, Xslt, NAnt, Vault, CC.NET, and my own house.

Love to try to put all the code of a function on one line (one actual statement).

comment Could I replace a stock PSU fan with a more quiet one?
Backup + fire extinguisher?
comment Is it wasteful to call cat?
Depending on the file, it is also possible that somefile.txt is cached by the OS. This way when you do cat, there is no hard drive access at all (it is taken from your RAM), so you will not change the life span of the hard drive.
comment How can I make runas.exe (Windows) wait until the program it starts exits?
What do you mean for program to be started? There is process allocated etc, ready to receive windows messages, has a window showing, etc. There are different levels of "started".