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comment Icon? file on OS X desktop
@Lukasa - It's consistent (as JdeBP noted) but it's also historical. The collision of NeXT and Classic MacOS meant many hard decisions about which conventions to keep, which to discard, and when to attempt both. Resource Forks on OS X were more painful until they were moved to Extended Attributes (John Siracusa's OS X 10.4 Tiger Review's section on their introduction).
comment How to execute a shell script with selected files/folders in finder?
In hindsight I should have linked How create an OS X service that passes a file's path to a shell script? which has a very similar answer.
comment With a USB bluetooth adapter do the devices pair with the dongle or the computer?
KVMs typically emulate the mouse (and keyboard) on the host connection and emulate the USB host on at least one port (often one for the KB, and one for the mouse). This is so that (among other things) you don't need to wait for the OS to re-initialize its connection with the KB/Mouse every time you switch machines.
comment Any way to extend Quick Look so you can copy text from it?
qlmanage -r should suffice instead of killing finder itself.
comment Finder/Quick Look Malfunction after 10.8 OS upgrade
qlmanage -r cache may also resolve the issue for a time, and qlmanage -p document.pdf with varying levels of debug might provide some clues to get you on the right path.
comment Synergy client drops and reconnects at UAC dialog
Right. I was pointing out that if you're having the disconnect/reconnect symptom then you necessarily have Elevate enabled because if you didn't the symptom would be more like "Synergy doesn't work at all with a UAC Dialog". =)
comment Synergy client drops and reconnects at UAC dialog
I believe that if you don't have Elevate selected it won't work <i>at all</i> with a UAC dialog up.
comment Why does my Mac OS X 10.6 kernel run in 32-bit mode?
Thanks to Gareth for the edit (rehosted image links to imgur from arstechnica and quoted relevant instructions from the article).
comment How can the mouse pointer be moved using the keyboard?
Despite it not being what the Questioner was after it is very likely to be very useful for people searching on this topic. Few people seem to be aware of both the "emacs-like" binds and the historical mac bindings. It's not quite vi but it's under-appreciated.
comment Is there a way to mount Google Docs like a drive on the Mac?
It should be noted that the OSX Finder/etc treats Folders and Drives differently in a variety of ways. So while this may suit the original asker of the question it is technically not "Mounting Google Docs (aka Google Drive) as a Mac OS Drive".
comment What Features of Quickbooks for Windows are Missing from the OS X version
To be fair to the questioner, there are a multitude of minor gotchas (that the linked list doesn't address) between the various versions of Quickbooks (Win vs Mac included). I'm no longer familiar with the current Windows versions so I can't answer more precisely.