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Before you downvote and flag a post, how about instead considering an answer to help the newbie find their way towards an answer? Please help me not think that the sole purpose of a diamond moderator is to run good people off from the SE sites.

The SE network is such a great resource to learn from, however, once you ask "how do I do this?" and they think you're a newb? The normal response Stack Exchange has are its diamond mods do a drive by: vote down, close, and move on without any effort to help the person seeking help.

Ex Navy, biker scum, got a BSEE magna cum laude (with distinction in my degree), embedded Software Engineer, turned entrepreneur. I am IT. Not I-T like information technologies (although I'm I-T, too). Added the bit about having a degree since people who habitually downvote answers seem to all have them, too. I hope that doesn't rub off onto me...

No, IT, like "ha ha you're it"

Running a business has turned me into a modern day DaVinci through necessity. CAD? Yup. Linux sysadmin? Uh-huh. Machinist, Electrician, Php, mysql, postgres, graphics design PS AI ID, non-consensual visual basic, and back to some great embedded C/C++.

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