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comment “chown -R root /” how screwed am I?
In most cases, on a normal system, you should be able to tell from the group of a file who the owner should be. So find all files that are owned by root where the group isn't appropriate, and chown them all to the user that matches the group. Log failues, and deal with them on an individual basis.
comment Is there any way to enable Remote Desktop Connection with a password without setting a password on the OS?
This solves starting the computer, and you can disable needing a password on wakeup, but I still need to put in a password if I logout or if the screen is locked (which happens when I connect with remote desktop). Is there a way to simply NEVER require a password locally, or to prevent Windows from locking the screen when a remote desktop session starts?
comment Cannot get websockets to work
What if you put a laptop in the router DMZ?