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Enthusiastic computer scientist and somewhat sporadic author of articles for ACCU journals.

Likes: games programming, challenges, learning new things, code craftsmanship, watching people achieving to the best of their ability, Git.

Dislikes: untidy code, weak architecture, bad software processes, indifference, technological fads.

Very quick bio: My D.Phil. was in medical image segmentation. I then worked in industry for a bit, doing credit risk management at SunGard and software analytics/logic programming at Semmle. I'm currently working on computer vision at the University of Oxford.

comment Why are special characters such as “carriage return” represented as “^M”?
@DanielRHicks - I guess the thought it makes me have is that perhaps the gap between what we consider "modern" and "ancient" technology isn't nearly as large as one might think it is. Indeed, much supposedly modern technology incorporates things with very old roots, although each generation thinks they're doing everything from scratch. Those young'n's :)
comment Why are special characters such as “carriage return” represented as “^M”?
On some level the extent to which we are still bound by design choices made for what now seem like ancient systems is quite surprising - I guess on reflection that (a) it's not that long ago, it's just that the pace of change in the interim has been astonishing, and (b) if enough design decisions are made, some of them (especially the ones that don't cause people enough problems) are bound to stick around long after the reasons for them disappear into memory. Still an odd feeling to look back at the history of some of these things though.