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I'm currently studying php and cakephp with a bit of mysql to top of it. Also I've some experience with html markup and css as well. Want to be a professional at what I do sometime.

comment Restore my previous font [before update]
Thanks, but no. Same resolution, and the problem is persistent only with... urxvt :X
comment Move system with encrypted homedir to another drive
Thanks for your response. I edited my initial question adding some details. I really don't know if your suggestion on shrinking LUKS partition is relevant though, it's only 20G.
comment Weird insertion from Vim on mouse click
Thank you, I wasn't aware of such limitations. Window size is measured in rows and columns in PuTTY, so after few tries I figured out 95 columns is perfect match for xterm mouse protocol. Do you mind leaving your solution as answer so I could mark it as best one? :)