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Hi! I'm Yisela.

I'm a User Interface Designer and an Anthropologist. I'm also a Moderator for Graphic Design SE, active user in Stack Overflow and UX.

You can usually find me in The Ink Spot chat room.

Contact: yisela.com - LinkedIn - Behance. Current creative projects: The Geek Gift - Art Design War.

"The meaning of good and bad, of better and worse, is simply helping or hurting" (Emerson)

Avatar pic by Christian Schloe

comment How do I find the nested layers that may cause problems in older CS versions?
Hi there! This question is a better for Superuser, so I'm migrating it. Good luck!
comment How do I fix a problem of text going to the bottom of a text box and leaving a wide gap above?
Hi there! I will migrate your question to Superuser, because it's not really about graphic design.
comment Inaccurate snapping in Illustrator
Hi there! I'm migrating your question to superuser, I think they will be able to help you since this is not really a graphic design issue but a question about making the software work as expected.
comment Indesign crash when autoflowing text
Hi there! This is more about fixing technology to work as advertised (or tech-support), and I doubt we'll be able to help you here. I'll migrate your question to Super User, a SE site that will guide you better!