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comment Would it improve the write performance to fill a reformatted drive with zeros?
Another possible follow up question: if said disk was a VM mounted on a SAN that did low level disk deplication, could that help (in that if the data that was deleted at the VM level, unless the system is using some VM-aware API, it would see to the SAN that all of those deleted blocks need to stick around, whereas setting them to all zeros would end up with a bunch of duplicated blocks all pointed to a all zero thing)
comment Is it easier to install Ubuntu on a Windows 10 machine or Windows 10 on a laptop running Ubuntu
in addition to the the technical issues, if you buy a Dell laptop with Ubuntu, do you still get a Windows license?
comment How to stream usb webcam on fedora 22
Note that despite the ridiculous out of dateness of @MariusMatutiae link, rpmfusion appears to be the answer, or at least when I did dnf install vnc, it pulled it from the rpmfusion repo... of course, I still can't get VLC (or another app) to find my USB cam
comment Notepad++ can't download files
can you download the file with a vanilla ftp client
comment What is the rationale behind safely removing USB media from windows PCs?
@AJMansfield given that this is talking bit-level, I have this mental picture of someone opening their flash drive and finding it's really hard to see any folders... there's just a couple of chip thingies and some wires.
comment Why do some downloading files not know their own size?
@alfo going to have to disagree... if I'm streaming video, or even if I'm streaming any sort of data that's not a fixed size, if the point is to get the data to the user as quickly as possible, I won't know the size at the point where I start the transmittal
comment Unable to add eth0:0 in Ubuntu
can you still manually configure eth0:0?
comment How to start a job in the stopped state?
Duplicate of… ?
comment What's the difference between cc and To fields in e-mail?
I hear what you are saying about BCC fielding being used more sparingly, but feel obligated to point out that in many cases, the world would be a better place if people used it more frequently. Specifically, when sending an email to a large group of people, sending it TO yourself and BCC'ing the large group prevents the inevitable reply all from one or more people followed by the reply all back asking people to stop ad nauseum.