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Long-time programmer, into nerdy things like Lisp and Scheme, but do most real-world work in Python.

I work for Space Monkey, Inc.

comment How do I fix a bad commercial deb package?
Just to add some extra info, note that the deb format is not actually identical to the ar format. If you manually pack debs in that way, dpkg will usually be fine with it, but some other important tools such as apt-ftparchive will not. Where available, you'll be better off unpacking with dpkg-deb -R mypkg.deb tempdir and re-packing with dpkg-deb -b tempdir.
comment Mistakenly ran chmod 644 /usr/* Any way to recover my installation?
Is your machine still running- i.e., is Finder up? You can make mode changes in Finder too. If not, where does your boot process fail?
comment I updated Debian Squeeze and Linux Mint is now missing from GRUB
It may help to paste your grub config.