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Missionary in Mexico helping a Bible College with their systems administration needs. I went to school for graphic design and am now learning Ruby on Rails to develop some awesome new open source applications, like Armory.

You can also check out my new blog. I write about things I'm learning in web development.

I've also started a website where I sell website themes and write theme-related articles and tutorials. Check it out: ThematicNet.com.

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comment Vagrant VirtualBox VM is initializing new instead of loading the existing VM after VagrantFile change
No, I only have one Vagrant machine on my computer (my first to be exact). The box I'm using is precise32 from the vagrant website. I'll update the question with a bit of information and my VagrantFile.
comment Using robocopy and excluding multiple directories
Hey, thanks for the comment. I thought there was a help command, but it doesn't seem to be active in the Windows Recovery Environment (I received an error like "No command 'help' found"). Robocopy is a windows default command that replaced xcopy and is not 3rd-party.
comment Backup wireless connections and passwords on Debian Squeeze
Ok, cool. I think I'm missing a dependency on it, since it failed at line 6. I'll look at it. Thanks.
comment Backup wireless connections and passwords on Debian Squeeze
Thank you. After your answer, I went researching about backing up the plain-text passphrases and found a python script that will list the passwords in the gnome-keyring. It's a little out-dated though and doesn't work, but I'll pick at it a little bit. I didn't mark it answered yet because I'm still trying to get the passphrases backed up, but your answer helps a lot.