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comment ANSI to UTF-8 in Notepad++
Note that, in general, "UTF-8 without Byte Order Mark" is what you want. As several others have said in the past, "UTF-8 is the only useful string encoding."
comment How do I get out my embedded Windows 8 key from a Linux environment?
@DanielB All you need to do is call MS and confirm that you are, in fact, installing Windows on the same computer as the one you were sold.
comment How do I disable an Outlook 2013 add-in without starting Outlook?
I personally wouldn't do this - if it was an actually malicious addin (as opposed to a crashing addin by a legitimate company), it's possible that it would have used those administrator privileges to further compromise your system.
comment How do I make a batch file that looks exactly like a command prompt?
I didn't know about #3. #1: if you do set which prints all variables. #0: I saw, and I think I actually had that in the second version that I don't remember. #4: I don't think I ever tried a multi-line command typed in :\. I'll look into #2 later.
comment Associate a tab in Google Chrome with its process in task manager
The shortcut to open the built-in task manager is Shift-Escape.