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Arango Leonor

I am confused i am for those who have no voice. I like to people and have no clue how i got here but am locked and blocked i came and left my life and family in Cuba 1962. I habe had lots of stuff but it did not fill my void. I rrad bible and ganhi. I have all away. I was in rehab bipolar and did function. 12 yrs ran away.tto white House Peace In Vietnam. I will keep that part. I try to give back never walk on the other side of the street to avoid a homeless human connected b y DNA. YOU MAY.BE ENTERTAINING ANGELS. I am nebet been a programer I understand only i am unable to petition. my work 10 to get more time for molesters is gone my pc to. I do not understand. I am difficult but in my illnrss I must know all fetails of who what where most.(WHY). ALL I FOUGHT FOR.IN FREEDOM ARE ALL I HAVE NOW Lets not forget my days are counted and I to love my family and life. just a btief.

Leonor Arango. as a disabled on chemo this all to much.

Why am blocked all lies

Keeping a low profile.

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