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I'm mainly interested in C++ and databases, but I also like other technologies, e.g. I use C# and ASP.NET to develop my private page about travelling in Poland (http://www.psur.pl).

comment Switch displays when one turned off (Windows 7)
In Samsung notebook I have a program Easy Display Manager and it allows to handle such situations (after recognizing changes, e.g. plugging additional monitor, "EDM mini UI" is shown). I don't know if it will help in your situation, but you can try. I belive it's free and can be download.
comment Can I turn off zoom-and-scroll behaviour of Adobe Reader's hand with down arrow pointer?
+1 Thanks, it was very annoying!
comment How to get the summarized sizes of folders and their subfolders?
It's very usefull, because it's simple and you can place what path you want instead of /*, e.g. ./ for current directory or ./* for each item in current directory.
comment Gimp reports huge file size (in the GB range) when trying to export to JPG
I've observed the same behaviour and one more connected with it: default settings (e.g. saving or not EXIF data) ar not saved.