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I find it ridiculous that in the hunt for reputation people who have their answers down-voted with an explanation as to why will hunt down a previous answer of the person that explained why they down-voted and subsequently down-vote that answer just for spite. I mean seriously? Relax.

comment Can't see shared folder in OneDrive app on Windows 8.1
I'd personally be satisfied if they allowed my wife to simply change the OneDrive account her OneDrive app connects to and syncs with, rather than forcing to sync with the account linked to her computer profile (so her settings, preferences, email, etc, would use HER account, but we could both use the same OneDrive account - I can't figure out why that decision was made for Win 8.1 [...] (?)
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comment Excel =+ formula impact
I know that +formula(args) and =formula(args) (as the user entering a formula) are interpreted identically in most cases. I did find an exception to this at some point, but I can't remember what it was off the top of my head :-( - if I recall it or stumble on it again, and if I remember to come back here, I'll post it and let you know, just in case you're interested
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