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comment How to configure AUCTeX in Windows 7?
These days I install to c:\emacs rather than to program files. Less worrying about spaces for a start. That aside, it's not clear to me what problem you have. Is Emacs not working? Or AucTeX? Or both? What kind of error is being generated? Suggest you edit your question above to include this information - do not include the information in the comments here.
comment emacs R mode ESS
In your .emacs file do you have the line (setq-default ess-dialect "R")?
comment Emacs syntax highlighting for making a term with boolean operators more readable?
I'm not sure what you're asking. Syntax highlighting is available but depends on the language. What language are you using? Elisp?
comment Create line graph with embedded horizontal histogram
The R code for the 'combining multiple plots into one' ggplot2 approach I just mentioned is given in the ggplot book and can be found right at the bottom of this page:
comment Create line graph with embedded horizontal histogram
Using R, I would create two plot objects in ggplot2, a line chart and a histogram, then arrange them both on the same plot using grid.arrange(), pushViewport and viewport() then export to a file. But that is not a trivial undertaking, unless you are already an R expert. Otherwise your best bet may be to make two charts in Excel and stitch them together in a graphics application like GIMP or using ImageMagick. If you need to do this kind of thing on a regular basis, it might well be worth getting familiar with ggplot (or one of the other R graphics packages).