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I am a self taught I.T. who is currently going back to school to recieve that peice of paper that says I know what I am doing (you would think in these "hard economic times" employers would rather want the "actions speak louder than words" approach when hiring, but we had to have done something wrong to get to the "hard economic times" in the first place).

Moving on, I do not believe in charging someone $40 to push a graphics card into a slot, while calling it an installation, and leaving the scene five minutes later (Best Buy, I am talking about you). Hence the birth of the greatest custom made computer / computer maintence and repair store since the government went public with the internet: TonsOfFun Networking.

If I know something you wish to know and all that is required is me telling you, then it is FREE! Since I am claiming to run a business, I or course, back my shit up with a money back gurantee and a return policy.

I am running a business though, and that means I am trying to make money not lose it. So, if I didn't get it right the first time I will continue until it is with no additional charge.

None of the above self advertisement matters though as my personal believe is information is intended to be free and passed down to others without stipulation.* So, just because I am long winded, do not hasitate to ask.

*Notice: There is a difference between information, ability, and skill.

My email: tonsoffunnetworking@live.com
-needs to have a Subject line that I will be able decipher between your email and the junk email...

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