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I'm a grad student in computer science at UCSD. My research is in compilers and programming languages, and I am also intersted in kernel development and real-time 3D graphics.

comment Reduce “Metafile” memory usage?
@tgiphil, It's understandable that a lot of memory is used when checking out or making the build. However, it's still being used and still causes thrashing much later when I'm just working in a small area. Unfortunately IT won't give me any more memory.
comment Discrepancy between memory in use reported by the task manager and memory used by programs
+1 for RAMMap. I don't think SuperFetch (or cache in general) would cause this problem.
comment How can I use my SSD as a ReadyBoost cache disk?
RAM has gotten significantly more expensive lately.
comment How do I fix my prompt in emacs shell-mode?
PROMPT_COMMAND was the problem. I'm not sure where it's getting set, but I added a line to my ~/.bashrc to unset it, and that works. Thanks!
comment How to move from one drive to another that's a different size?
I like this solution because it's so simple, but I think you would need some extra options like p (preserve permissions) to get all of the meta-data.