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I am a web developer currently working with small businesses to create simple sites with back-end features that help clients manage communications via social and email channels. Currently using PHP, but I am hard at work changing my workflow to Ruby on Rails.

comment Why do I get “Failed to set locale, defaulting to C” when using yum?
That didn't work for me. Any other suggestions
comment Outlook Web Access insert custom hyperlink
Your comment helped tremendously.
comment Outlook Web Access insert custom hyperlink
Suppose you want to name that hyperlink so the receiver doesn't see a 300 character url. I edited my answer to make this more clear
comment Why does performance of a regular hard drive decrease over the duration of a benchmark while SSD doesn't?
i have four ssd in raid 0 (keep backups of course). I'm getting around 650-700 Mb/s. HDTune is a nice piece of software.