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comment Style folder name in Bold if there's unread mail
Not an answer since I don't use Outlook 2013 and I'm not able to test this, but you could have a look at wfSpy. Provided that 1) Outlook 2013 is written using Windows Forms in a supported version of .NET and 2) wfSpy does what it stays on the tin ("allows you to spy/browse the window hierarchy of a running Windows Forms application [...] and to change properties as well") you might be able to pull this off. Obviously this will require some hacking, so as it stands--even if this method works--your current answer is still the correct one.
comment Is it possible to slip out of the CC field in a mail conversation?
Reply to all and say your most favourite christmas song of all time is Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name Of. They'll understand.
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comment Stop NppExec from trapping console output until program finishes
To prevent your script's own windows being suppressed (not sure exactly what is going on here), run the call to Python as an argument to cmd by preprending cmd /c. For example, I'm using cmd /c python -u "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)" so my Cocos2D window shows up.