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Jason has worked in the field of Information Technology for the past 14 years both as a Software Developer and Instructor. He recently led projects to develop, maintain and extend ASP.NET/C# applications that use Microsoft SQL Server for their database.

Jason has extensive involvement in all aspects of the software development lifecycle from the initial design and planning phases to production rollout. Application areas include union management and administration, new media, retail and education.

He is an excellent communicator and has taught introductory programming courses in VB and Java as well as on-the-job training for working professionals on how to better use Microsoft Office.

comment Why is Java running on my PC when I never use it?
Valid observation.
comment Why does 64-bit Windows need a separate “Program Files (x86)” folder?
Just re-read this.. he said it better in his replies - superuser.com/a/442253/142951. If you're not a developer you might not see the purpose.
comment Why does 64-bit Windows need a separate “Program Files (x86)” folder?
I thought you wanted an explanation. Few apps use CommonFiles? I have 35 different applications that have entries there. It's a safer place to store shared components than the System32 directory. Your statement that few apps use this is debatable. Quoting you: "They didn't have to jump through these hoops to allow for 32-bit and 16-bit programs on the same system. I don't recall ever seeing a ProgramFiles (16) or some such [...] The part about it being done as a convenience for programmers reasonable though." Well, yeah.. programmers do. We write the applications after all.