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comment How to automatically mount a TrueCrypt volume on OSX after login with password/keyfile
This is a great start, but what if I want to secure my encrypted volume with a passphrase only? Is there a way to store the passphrase in my OS X login Keychain, and configure truecrypt to use that? You can do this, for instance, if instead of true crypt you use encrypted .dmg volumes, since hdiutil attach command is keychain aware. But then the problem with encrypted .dmg files is they cannot be opened on Linux, I believe.
comment How can I change the emacs unicode font?
This github package tries to offer a more general solution. It suggests some free fonts and tries to choose the correct font for non-ASCII characters more intelligently than emacs does by default:
comment VPN messes up DNS resolution
If the client doesn't expose a network service, yes you can't use the preferences pane. Since you want to override global settings, you also can't use /etc/resolver files, which apply only for specified domains. Therefore, you're only remaining option is scutil. You say you tried it. Did you try clobbering the settings for a particular service State:/Network/Service/<hash>/DNS, or for State:/Network/Global/DNS?