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After more than three years of participating in StackOverflow, I finally figured out why this gray area to the right of my profile page was not working.

I assumed it was supposed to show a diagram of reputation or something. At some point I think I even submitted a bug report about it. Now instead it turns out, it was in fact working all the time - it was just not telling me about it!

This gray, square area was in fact trying, in it its own little non-intuitive way to tell me "-You have not entered anything in the About Me field on your profile". #UsabilityFail #Nyan

comment How do I start apache in OSX Mountain Lion / Mavericks?
Same here. Seems to be a little bit sloppy coded - good old confusion about the .pid-file I guess ...zzz
comment How disable mac snow leopard creating .Spotlight-V100 and .Trash folders in USB Flash Drivers?
This answer does not address the question does it?