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I work at Knewton, where we're working to revolutionize how kids and adults of all ages learn. Previously, I founded the Kiln distributed source control system. In my free time, I program in Python and in Pharo, an open-source, cross-platform Smalltalk dialect. You can browse most of my code at my GitHub and Bitbucket accounts.

comment Create one file per line via shell
Thanks, @KarstenS.; I just altered the answer. I'm so used to using awk for field manipulation I think I just reached for $1 by default.
comment Default PowerShell to emitting UTF-8 instead of UTF-16?
I don't think $OutputEncoding is quite what I need; that's set to ASCII in PowerShell, and affects how things are displayed. What I want to do is to change the format of text that's saved in a file, which (AFAICT) is different than what $OutputEncoding controls.
comment How can I automatically mount a network drive in Snow Leopard?
I have two possible concerns with that: it won't unmount when I log out, unless I'm missing something; and it'll fail if it's already mounted due to not logging out. Is there an easy way to prevent those two issues?
comment How can I show the Emacs menu in GUI emacs frames but not in tty frames when using emacs daemon mode
While I agree that this question is appropriate to SuperUser, I think you might have better luck on StackOverflow. Unfortunately, the SO crowd may punt it back here.
comment Mac OS X IRC clients
Erm, not that one long line of HTML isn't annoying, but it takes about two minutes with Beautiful Soup to turn it into a text dump, and you can make it easy to read simply by checking "Human-readable file formatting".