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comment Disable capslock LEDs light
The capslock key is replaced with success with the ctrl key but this doesn't prevent light goes on.
comment How do I hit the CTRL key without straining my pinky?
This is a very useful program. I personally use it to invert all the number row keys to be able to access symbol directly and number with the help of shift key. This prevent having to use my pinky to press the shift key and, in my case, because I'm a programmer, I more often use the symbols than numbers.
comment How do I hit the CTRL key without straining my pinky?
I used 3 different ergonomic keyboards from now and I can assure you that ergonomic keyboards are the best solution IMHO. I currently use the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard since 3 weeks and it's a joy for my fingers. Just not to be totally inapt to use a normal keyboard, I tried yesterday to switch back to a normal keyboard for one week and I change my mind after a couple of hours because the pain having the hands squeezed at the center of the keyboard. Ctrl+C and other shortcut are done with the left part of the space bar button that I change to Ctrl key.
comment “Always use this program to open these files” is grayed out. Why?
Thanks for your help! :) In my case, the problem occurs with WinZip. And you know what? The checkbox came to gray immediately after installing WinZip and the default program is now WinZip to handle .zip files. That mean WinZip is changing the default program without asking me and worst, they change the registry key to prevent user changing the default program to handle zip file. With your help, it's fine; I will be able to rollback this behavior but for people like my mother, no way she will be able to understand what's happening and she will stay with /"$/$/%%% WinZip!
comment Visual Studio search and replace within subfolders
+1 Even if there are a couple of steps to achieve the goal, it's look like a good solution considering that we usually not searching by folder 100 times a day.
comment Delete a line in Visual Studio without copying it?
Old school boy :)
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comment How to prevent Notepad++ search to loop?
Simple by very very helpful!!!! :) Thank you.