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comment In what way does non-“full n-key rollover” hinder fast typists?
You have to be very fast for six keys to be a hindrance. At some number, though a touch typist will see a hindrance. Remember, it's not when you're trying to push multiple keys simultaneously, it's when a finger is pushing a key before the other finger has fully released. If you try 'asdf' repeatedly with less than four key rollover, you will drop characters. Six keys should be fast enough for almost everyone.
comment Files in red, what do they mean
Try "man ls" to see what ls output means.
comment Why do English characters require fewer bytes to represent than other alphabets?
ASCII proper is 7 bits, not 8
comment Can you remove and replace keys (like a regular laptop keyboard) on a Logitech K310 Keyboard?
You could call Logitech for a definitive answer logitech-en-amr.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/32403/…
comment In Tails, how long should it take to wipe 16gb system memory at shutdown?
I wouldn't worry about powering down interrupting a memory wipe. A few seconds without power will guarantee dynamic rams are wiped.
comment Why are the number of cores in a processor normally even
Actually there are an awful lot of processors with 1 core. Last I checked, 1 was an odd number.
comment Extract identical files from two directories
Then pick a different checksum algorithm, like openssl dgst -md5. Same code.
comment How can I hide or show rows automatically based on a value in a cell?
You can use conditional formatting to automatically highlight rows. It's not hiding the other data, but it will pick out the matches and doesn't need VBA.
comment Why is deleting a file faster than copying?
That's also how disc scans can recover "deleted" files (not restore from recycle bin). If you compare the copy time to the overwrite time, you'll find they are closer.
comment If a server is just a big computer, why not just use a server as your computer?
A server is a computer that provides a service; a desktop is one that sits in front of a user. Those are not contradictory (think X Windows server). But a computer designed for data center use will be noisy, hot, and inconvenient on the desktop.
comment Why system RAM can not have a battery backup in the same way as a CMOS?
Probably your definition of "negligible" doesn't match the actual consumption vs battery capacity vs time. Assuming 10W and 1000 hrs of standby, you need a 10 KW battery, which is about 4 "C" size NiMH, plus charging circuitry, voltage conversion, etc. Of course, one could just use static RAM and have no battery consumption when off.
comment How to use find with -delete when looking for directories
find . -type d -name '*foo' -print | xargs rm -rf; If you are concerned with spaces in names pipe to ... | while read d; do rm -rf $d; done instead of xargs. If you know the directories are empty, use rmdir instead of rm -r
comment How to make Firefox remember a self signed certificate is trusted
Have you tried getting the certificate and importing it? If that doesn't work, what error do you get?
comment Is there an Excel formula to identify special characters in a cell?
Is there a particular reason you're doing this text processing task in Excel? Even limiting oneself to Microsoft Office tools, it's a fairly simple search & replace in Word. Table with two columns, original filename and processed file name.
comment ITSUMIF Criteria for Cells That Don't Match a Condition
Sort by category, use automatic subtotal. Paste the subtotal lines as values, then resort back by date. If that works for you, save it in a macro.
comment How to "host' an application on one mac and run it on another
The X-window system (comes with the Mac) can do what you're asking
comment Linux - Set Subdirectory as Root for a user/group
You can set up the chroot environment for the user -- actually, set it up for several users -- and have their initial shell be a program that chroots and execs a real shell
comment Why is linux boot sequence in sh and not in c
@grawity: We could call the text files "scripts" and the C code "the shell" and then -- oh wait, that's how it's set up now. Seriously, what sort of speed up do you think you might get? Bear in mind that the shell will already be read into RAM, the other reasons for keeping it that are mentioned on this page, and the very small performance gain with lots of admin pain...
comment Second root account
Does SE Linux support two-person control? That is, sys admin (root) actions don't take effect until approved by the security admin?
comment Why can't we understand the content of a binary file after compiled?
Compilation or assembly removes lots of human-significant information like variable names, branch labels, etc. Dissasembly get the instruction stream, but you still have a lot to figure out.