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Entrepreneur software developer with a keen interest in game development. Believes in simplicity to the point of eliminating features, finds joy in trying to write the cleanest, most efficient code humanly possible. Advocate of Unit Testing (NUnit, googletest), Dependency Injection (Ninject, hypodermic) and Continuous Integration (Jenkins).

Once trod the Microsoft path (C++ using COM w/ATL + WinAPI w/WTL, C# using WPF w/MVVM + XNA) but abandoned Microsoft when Microsoft abandoned their platforms and started talking "cloud-first, mobile-first."

Now sailing onwards with Open Source, using Gentoo Linux, C++'14 and Emscripten.

Outside of tech, one of the few people in the civilized world who have never had a cell phone or Facebook account. Wrote a novel. Tries to become good at drawing. Secularist, rationalist, enemy of all religions, part-time Luddite.

comment What advantage does a 2400x600 dpi printer have over a 1200x1200 dpi printer?
That makes sense, too, but would mean that 2400x600 dpi indicates 2400 dpi horizontally and 600 dpi vertically (instead of the other way around, though, with the question being over a year old, I don't know anymore if that was my interpretation or whether it was explicitly stated somewhere).
comment Which Self-Booting Backup Utility works with an SSD?
I believe Acronis is a pretty big name and there to stay. I'm using those backups simply so I can get back to a clean OS install in 10 minutes, not to archive important data.
comment Which Self-Booting Backup Utility works with an SSD?
Tried that some days ago. Strangely, I haven't even received a response yet.
comment Which Self-Booting Backup Utility works with an SSD?
Yes. I'm using it as a hard-drive for my workstation. I was trying to justify why I posted this question in SO because I borders on being off-topic here.