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comment ownCloud OpenID user authentication
My guess is that OwnCloud looks for authorized OpenId identifiers in the user database. Anyway, the fact is that I only have had to declare http://yo.rediris.es/soy/userid@my.domain in my user profile, log off, and log in again with that identifier. Depending on the browser, you may have to supply also a fake password.
comment ownCloud OpenID user authentication
No, you don't have to log in twice. What I'm saying is: 1. I try to log in with my OpenID identity at my OwnCloud instance 2. OwnCloud redirects to the user authentication portal at my University 3. I log in using my auth portal with my University credentials 4. My auth portal redirects back to OwnCloud 5. For some yet unknown reason, OwnCloud does not recognize the authentication process and shows again its login screen.