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Software Architect for ClassicCars.com

Working with a legacy codebase that is using ASP.Net (C#, WCF, MVC, WebForms) and MS-SQL and an existing API under node.js, with rabbitmq and mongodb.

Currently working with the following technologies for the backend/infrastructure:

  • docker.io
  • nginx
  • node/Koa
  • MongoDB
  • ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana)

On the front end:

  • React
  • Yahoo fluxible-app
  • Bootstrap

I absolutely love JavaScript as a language, and platforms that leverage it. MongoDB, RethinkDB, NodeJS/Express, Synchronet BBS, jQuery, Backbone, Knockout, React, etc.

I've also been following golang with great interest.

comment With iptables only allow certain outbound ports
I originally had my non-working script here.. it had some double --state entries, once I corrected the bad syntax, and adjusted the order, all was working, Answered my own question below.
comment Ubuntu shutdown fail “* Killing all remaining processes…”
sudo shutdown -h -r worked for me, not sure on the differences.
comment Why do I get timeout problems with Thunderbird and Sendgrid?
I use a mail spooler/queue, and sendgrid's SMTP service doesn't connect about 70% of the time. For me it will retry every 15 min, but it is annoying.
comment What directories in a Windows 7 SSD install would you link/junction to an HDD?
Yeah, I wound up installing gametap and steam to the HDD, then symlinking them to the HDD... did this for a few things... media files are on my NAS for the most part.
comment Is there any limit on number of devices i can use with power supply
@Mirage - Well, as far as current MB and CPU, should be fine, you may need an additional SATA controller for the extra drives, and you will probably need a larger power supply, if you aren't running at least a 700W unit.
comment What's the highest performance Socket 478 processor at 133MHz FSB?
For that cost for an older P4 processor, you can get a new Motherboard, Quad-core CPU and 8GB of ram. (Phenom 2, AMD 785 MB if you need video)
comment Program to encode or mux h.264 streams in a SWF container
@Camilo, if you are using an external encoder, you can tweak things a bit. I was able to get decent size/quality out of mp3 with lame using 8-bit mono 22khz sample rate, YMMV. For the video, it sucks but you can use 3rd party encoders that get better results than what comes with Flash.
comment What directories in a Windows 7 SSD install would you link/junction to an HDD?
I know I will relocate the music/videos directories as they get really big, but may do the user profile altogether for space considerations here.